Atmospheric data access for the geospatial user community



ADAGUC Workshop 7 June 2017
KNMI organizes a 1-day workshop to provide hands-on experience with the ADAGUC software suite. Please check the announcement for the programme and how to signup.
EGU, Geobuzz and Eumetsat
The latest presentations and posters from EGU, Geobuzz and Eumetsat have been added. See the presentations section here.
ADAGUC Workshop 17-19 June 2015
KNMI organizes a 3-day workshop to provide hands-on experience with the ADAGUC software suite. Please check the announcement for the programme and how to signup.
Application of polar orbiters with Pytroll and ADAGUC
Demonstration of Pytroll and ADAGUC displaying Suomi NPP Viirs. Read more here.
Results ADAGUC Workshop 2013
KNMI has organized a 3-day workshop to get hands-on experience with the ADAGUC software suite: workshop June 2013.
ADAGUC Workshop 17-19 June 2013
KNMI organizes a 3-day workshop to get hands-on experience with the ADAGUC software suite. Please read the announcement for the programme and how to signup.
Status of ADAGUC and OGC services at KNMI.
Launch of MSGCPP website
Launch of new website offering real-time MSG-CPP products using ADAGUC technology:
Update of the precipitation service
The radar precipitation service has been updated. Besides better compliance to the WMS 1.1.1 specification, the Google Maps projection is now supported.
ADAGUC presentations at EGU 2009
The ADAGUC presentations given at the EGU in Vienna are now online. You can access them here.
Radar precipitation service available
The KNMI radar precipitation composite is now available in realtime through the ADAGUC services. The service can be found here.

ADAGUC Products Standard V1.1 is now available
The ADAGUC Product Standard document (v1.1) is now publicly available.
Presentations ADAGUC workshop 2008 available online
The presentations can be found in the
documentation section
Final ADAGUC workshop
December 4-5 at VU, Amsterdam.
Workshop Announcement
ADAGUC Products Standard V1.0 is now available
The ADAGUC Product Standard document (v1.0) is now publicly available.
ADAGUC driver on GDAL Wiki (v0.1)
In agreement with Frank Warmerdam Maarten Plieger created an ADAGUC wiki on where the ADAGUC GDAL NetCDF4 driver can be found.
ADAGUC presentations at EGU 2008
The presentations of the ADAGUC talks and posters at the EGU in Vienna are now online. You can access them here.
ADAGUC at EGU 2008 - General Assembly & Congress in Vienna
3 talks and 3 posters will be presented by ADAGUC members
First ADAGUC demonstrator service is available
Example datasets can be viewed and downloaded here
Use Case and User Requirements documents published
The use case document (v2.1) and user requirements document (v1.3) are now publically available: Use cases V2.1, User Requirements v1.3
ADAGUC at the ENVISAT 2007 conference
At the ENVISAT symposium 2007 in Montreux a poster is presented with goals and status of ADAGUC
ADAGUC at EGU General Assembly 2007 in Vienna
Goals and current status of ADAGUC will be presented in an oral presentation
ADAGUC at National Geo Information Days in Rotterdam
ADAGUC presented 2 posters to the Dutch Geoinformation community in the former van Nelle factory in Rotterdam. more
ADAGUC success in Geo-Connected
ADAGUC will receive an additional grant for a top-up project, dealing with climate and forecast data. The Geo-Connected tender has been issued by RGI to establish bridges between research programs.
Presentations workshop 2006 online
The presentations of the ADAGUC workshop are now online. You can access them here.


Heterogeneous data access and use for geospatial user communities
December 4-5, VU University Amsterdam

A two-day workshop will be held on the 4th and 5th of December to discuss the advances in multidisciplinary use of geo-, meteo- and climate data as well as the progress in multidisciplinary spatial data exchange. The workshop will be organized by KNMI, VU University Amsterdam, WUR and SRON.

User-driven and open access to both land and atmospheric datasets will create a window of opportunity for Earth Sciences. For example, climate change, one of the main challenges at present and in the future, requires interdisciplinary use of data and models. The challenges include the integration of complex (physical) processes in weather forecasting and climate system models, understanding the interactions between climate, environment, and society and integrating social, economical and environmental information with meteorological and climate information. Therefore it is necessary to make data accessible to several different research communities and end-users. These developments are supported and triggered by initiatives like INSPIRE, GMES and GEOSS. Spatial Data Infrastructures (SDI’s) are an important aspect in this framework. Challenging topics related to SDI’s are the interoperable interface specifications that are promoted by the Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC), (meta)data standardization, discovery and use of data and metadata, data exchange formats, data optimization, semantic interoperability, Service-Oriented Architectures (SOA), visualization tools and web services.

The workshop and will address these topics for the geospatial and atmospherical research and user communities.

A selection of the workshop results will be published in a special issue of IEEE - Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observation and Remote Sensing (J-STARS) called “Heterogeneous data access and use for geospatial user communities”.

Workshop Topics

ADAGUC Project

The workshop is part of the ADAGUC project (Atmospheric Data Access for the Geospatial User Communities RGI 184). Within the ADAGUC project an OGC-compliant SDI framework has been built to provide access to selected space borne atmospheric and land datasets, using interactive web services, that can be used for data comparison, resampling, selection, manipulation and visualization in GIS. Representatives of the user community were involved in the project by defining accessibility standards and user requirements.

Participation and registration

The workshop, including lunches and refreshments, is open to everyone at no costs. The number of participants is however limited. In case of oversubscription priority will be based on registration order.
Please register by sending an e-mail to adaguc "at" with the following information:

- Name:
- Organization:
- Day(s) to attend: (4, 5, or 4&5 December)
- Title and abstract of presentation or poster (if applicable)


Restaurant cafe De Veranda (near VU University)
Amstelveenseweg 764
1081 JK Amsterdam (scroll down for English)


Several hotels are available in Amsterdam. Participants to the workshop need to arrange their own accommodation.


ADAGUC_Workshop_programme_20081203_p1 ADAGUC_Workshop_programme_20081203_p2

The programme in PDF:
ADAGUC_Workshop_programme_20081203.pdf (PDF)